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This Friday the EuroMillions jackpot will jump its biggest ever to 200 million euros

After the result of Tuesday's draw, the jackpot will jump from 17 million euros to 200 million euros in a historic draw.

This Friday Euromillions draws a special jackpot of 200 million euros
This Friday Euromillions draws a special jackpot of 200 million euros

Yesterday, the last draw was held before the much awaited €200 million Euromillions special draw on Friday 1st December. The jackpot accumulated until this draw was 83 million euros, which was finally won by a single bet sold in Luxembourg.

Yesterday's win would, under normal conditions, reset the jackpot for Friday's draw to the minimum jackpot of 17 million. However, nothing will be business as usual for the next EuroMillions draw, as the special draw will push the €17 million jackpot up to €200 million, one of the biggest jumps in EuroMillions history!

This will be possible as the special draw guarantees a minimum jackpot of €200 million regardless of the amount drawn on the previous date. So, whether you have already bought your bet in advance or are planning to do so these days, you can be guaranteed to play for one of the biggest jackpots in the history of EuroMillions.

However, remember that you can buy your bets to participate up to one hour before the draw, although all administrations and operators suggest doing it earlier to avoid last minute saturation. For now, the long-awaited draw will take place on Friday 1 at 21h CET, and we'll be waiting for the results!

The biggest jackpots in the history of EuroMillions

We have repeated ad nauseam that the mega jackpot to be drawn on Friday 1 December will enter the list of the biggest EuroMillions jackpots ever. And there is no mistake in this statement: since its launch in 2004, only on 5 occasions have prizes in excess of 200 million euros been awarded. But what have these jackpots been? Let's take a look back at the history of the biggest EuroMillions jackpots

5. €200 Million - 11 December 2020

The first time the €200 million figure was reached was after several accumulations following a €130 million Big Friday draw. There was only one winning ticket in France, a man known as "Guy", who was later found to have invested most of his winnings in an environmental foundation called Anyama, dedicated to combating climate change.

4. €210 Million - 26 February 2021

Just 3 months after the EuroMillions jackpot reached the €200 million mark for the first time, a single ticket sold in Switzerland claimed the new EuroMillions record prize of €210 million. As the EuroMillions rules state, each time the jackpot limit is reached it is increased by a further €10 million, so this win raised the limit to €220 million for future draws. Not many details are known about the player who preferred to remain anonymous, only that he was from the German-speaking part of the country and that he had bought 2 bets to participate in the draw.

3. €215 Million - 10 May 2022

The third EuroMillions jackpot became the biggest ever record jackpot won in the UK, where a single winner scooped the entire jackpot of €215 million, equivalent at the time to around £184 million. This jackpot was also reached after several draws without winners following a €130 million Big Friday. Had one more draw been held without winners, it would have reached a record €230 million, but Gloucester couple Joe and Jess Thwaite took the big prize.

2. €220 Million - 15 October 2021

The second record in the same year was won by a €220 million jackpot that also followed a €130 million Big Friday that had taken place at the end of September. The win was formally won by France, although it soon became known that the winner did not actually live in France, but was a woman from French Polynesia who, as part of France, was also eligible to participate in the draw. The funny thing is that the winner revealed that this was the first time she had dared to buy a ticket to participate in the draw, which is definitely called beginner's luck!

1. €230 Million - 19 July 2022

Finally we come to what is currently the biggest record jackpot in the history of EuroMillions. The jackpot was won by a single anonymous player who had bought his ticket in the UK. On this occasion, the jackpot cap had been reached in some previous draws, but it remained fixed at 230 million because, according to EuroMillions rules, once the jackpot cap is reached it remains at the same amount for 4 additional consecutive draws, and only in the 5th draw, if there is no winner, it would be shared among the lower categories. In this case, the winner managed to win the jackpot in the 4th draw, just one draw before the jackpot had to be distributed.

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