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Thursday, 18 august 2022


Loteria Federal

Wednesday, 06 april 2022

134 days ago.

First prize
Premio 2
  • 44.302
Premio 3
  • 89.577
Premio 4
  • 38.852
Premio 5
  • 08.413

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Wednesday, 26 january 2022

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Prizes Loteria Federal

Categories Prizes
1º Premio 500.000,00 R$
2º Premio 27.000,00 R$
3º Premio 24.000,00 R$
4º Premio 19.000,00 R$
5º Premio 18.329,00 R$
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How to play the Federal Lottery

To play, you must choose five numbers on the lottery ticket. The player chooses his numbers printed on the ticket that is made available to him at the time of purchase.

In each of the five drawings, a five-digit number is drawn, from 00000 to 99999. The winner is the person who matches all 5 numbers in any of the draws, but there are also secondary prizes derived from the main ones. The prize for those who match the first prize is R$ 500 thousand.

The draws

Drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday, with jackpots of 500,000 reais (€94,225) in a single series. Every month, you can also compete for the R$1.350 million jackpot by playing the "Milionária Federal". In December there is a special Christmas draw (Especial de Natal), with prizes of 1,350 million reais (€254,409,930) per draw.

When are the Federal Lottery drawings?

The Federal Lottery draws always take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays, starting at 7:00 p.m., Brasilia time.

What is the "Caminhão da Sorte?

There are two units of the "Caminhão da Sorte", and its first appearance to the public was in 1980. This mobile base was created with the intention of bringing the creation and experience of the draws of each contest closer to the Brazilian population.

Transforming the public into a kind of public auditors, the "Caminhão da Sorte" (Luck Truck) promotes transparency in every step of the lottery drawing process.

Having two units was not a purposeless choice. The two mobile units serve to generate more Lucky Truck business between the four corners of Brazil and for different audiences. While one is in one place holding the contest, the other will go to the next state or municipality.

Federal Lottery Jackpot

Unlike other lotteries, Federal Lottery jackpots do not accumulate. In case the winning number is higher than 75,000, the drawing will be repeated. The same happens if all the numbers drawn are 0.

The drawing will be repeated several times until a winner is found, without accumulating the prize.

A little history of the Federal Lottery

As the oldest traditional lottery in the country, the Federal Lottery has a lot of history to tell. It was the first lottery marketed by Caixa Economica Federal.

Although the Federal Lottery has existed for a long time as a lottery modality, its first official drawing took place on September 15, 1962 in Rio de Janeiro, more than 55 years ago.

The Federal Lottery has two special contests, called "Milionária Federal" and "Christmas Special". The first has one drawing per month and its prize is R$1.35 billion. The second, as its name indicates, takes place once a year during the Christmas vacations (in Brazil it is summer) and has the same amount of prizes per series.

Check Loteria Federal

You can check the hits you got in the draw using our Loteria Federal checker and get the prizes you got in the draw.

Checking your hits is very easy:

  • Enter or mark the numbers with which you have participated in the Loteria Federal draw.
  • Then click on "Check".
  • A window will appear indicating the categories and the prizes you have won.

Loteria Federal Results

Each drawing day, the Loteria Federal Results are published on this page just a few minutes after they occur. You can also request the results to be sent to you:

  • By e-mail.
  • Notifications to your cell phone if you have installed our APP.
  • Notifications to your web browser.

Loteria Federal Today

The Loteria Federal draw is held Wednesday y Saturday. The latest result available at this time is Wednesday 6 from april from 2022. Normally the search for today's Loteria Federal result refers to the result generated in this last draw result.

It is also common to search for the result of Loteria Federal of yesterday, when the draw took place on the previous day. In any case, on this page you can always search for the result of any draw produced up to today's date.

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