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Tuesday, 25 june 2024



Friday, 21 june 2024


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Extracción 1
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Prizes ONCE

Categories Prizes
5 cifras y serie 9.000.000,00 €
5 cifras 25.000,00 €
4 útilmas cifras 150,00 €
3 últimas cifras 15,00 €
2 últimas cifras 6,00 €
Última cifra 3,00 €
5 y serie cifras de otras extracciones 100.000,00 €
5 cifras de otras extracciones 300,00 €
4 cifras de otras extracciones 20,00 €
3 cifras de otras extracciones 6,00 €
2 cifras de otras extracciones 3,00 €
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Award information ONCE 21 june 2024

* Premios al número principal

1 premio de 6.000.000 € a las 5 cifras y serie.

134 premios de 40.000 € a las 5 cifras.

1.215 premios de 500 € a las 4 primeras cifras.

1.215 premios de 500 € a las 4 últimas cifras.

12.150 premios de 50 € a las 3 primeras cifras.

12.150 premios de 50 € a las 3 últimas cifras.

121.500 premios de 6 € a las 2 primeras cifras.

120.285 premios de 6 € a las 2 últimas cifras.

1.202.850 premios de 3 € a la primera cifra.

1.093.500 premios de 3 € a la última cifra.

En un mismo cupón no son acumulables dos o más premios.

* Premios a La Paga

About ONCE Con el Cupón juegas y participas en una labor social

ONCE has been operating games of chance since 1938, making dreams come true not only for the people who participate in its games, but also for the more than 80,000 people with disabilities who work at the ONCE Foundation, allowing their social and labor inclusion. For more than 79 years, the ONCE Foundation has been promoting and participating in a multitude of solidarity initiatives for the care of: people with deafblindness, people with disabilities or people at risk of social exclusion. In this context, the ONCE Foundation has also participated and participates in other solidarity initiatives in Latin American countries, countries in depressed areas, in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and within the European Union it participates by strengthening ties in the field of community policies.

ONCE Games

ONCE has been operating games for 79 years, with the experience and rigor that characterize it and obtaining several quality certificates issued by the WLA (World Lottery Organization). Once's games are classified in three main modalities:

The Once Coupon consists of the Daily Coupon, the Friday Cuponazo, the Weekend Sueldazo and the Extraordinary Coupon for special dates such as Father's Day, the Summer Extra, the 11/11 Extra or the Christmas Extra.

Eurojackpot, 7/39, Super Eleven and Triple Eleven Bets.

Scratch cards such as the Millionaire, Lucky 7, Winning Colors or the Treasure Chest, among otherss.

The current format

In the modality of Coupon of the Eleven, the organization has several Coupons: Daily Coupon, Friday Cuponazo, El Sueldazo del Fin de Semana and El Extra de la Once. All of them are passive games, in which the player buys one or several coupons and the game consists of matching 5 numbers plus the series. In these games the Coupon is the valid document to the bearer to participate and there are 100,000 different numbers from 00,000 to 99,999. The prizes and the different categories of prizes vary depending on the type of Coupon of the day of the week. Thus in the Daily Coupon the most important prize is 35,000 euros to the Coupon that has matched all five numbers with an additional prize of 3,000 euros for 25 years of the Daily Coupon and series. In the Friday Cuponazo the most important prize is the Cuponazo, for only 3 euros, and with a prize of 9 million euros and 6 prizes of 100,000 euros. In case the player has purchased the Cuponazo XXL, for 2 euros more, the prize is 15 million euros and 6 prizes of 200,000 euros. On the weekend (Saturday and Sunday), the Coupon is the Sueldazo de Fin de Semana, with prizes of 5,000 euros per month for 20 years plus 300,000 euros in cash, and in addition, 4 second prizes of 4 Sueldazos of 2,000 euros per month for 10 years. Finally, the Coupon in the modality of Extra, consists of an Extraordinary Coupon to be played on special dates such as: Father's Day, Summer Extra, 11/11 Extra and Christmas Extra. In these last Extraordinary Coupons, the prizes are different depending on the draw, but in any case, millionaire prizes with a main prize and a multitude of smaller prizes.

In the active betting mode, ONCE has four types of games: Eurojackpot, 7/39, Super Eleven and ONCE Triplex. The Eurojackpot is a European game consisting of a ticket with 5 blocks in which the player must actively choose 5 numbers out of a possible 50 and two sols per block out of a possible 10 sols. This draw is held every Friday in Helsinki, and offers jackpots worth millions. The 7/39 consists of a ticket with 5 blocks in which the player can choose seven numbers from 39 available and a draw from 0 to 9 given by the operator. There are two draws per week on Mondays and Thursdays and the prizes are divided into 5 categories with a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 1 million euros. The Super Eleven is a ticket with 80 numbers, numbered from 1 to 80, in which the player can mark on the ticket how many numbers he has selected between 5,6,7,8,9,10 or 11, then he must mark how much money he wants to play between 1,2,3,4,5 or 10 and finally, he must choose how many draws he wants to participate between 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 14 draws. Finally, the Triplex de la Once is a game modality in which the player chooses three numbers per bet with a price of 0.50 euros per draw. The prize categories of this game are 6, from matching the three numbers in the same order with a prize of 150 euros, to matching only the last number of the winning combination, with a prize of 0.50 euros.

In the instant game modality, the ONCE has several Rascas. Scratch cards are an instant game modality in which the player acquires an already printed ticket, in which there are hidden numbers that the player must discover by scratching the game area. If any of the numbers match one or more of the winning numbers of the game, the player obtains a corresponding prize or prizes. The variety of Scratch Cards that the ONCE has is very complete and so are the types of prizes. The best known are El Millonario, El 7 de la Suerte, Colores Ganadores, El Cofre del Tesoro, etc..

What are the odds of winning?

The Once Coupon has different modalities: Daily Coupon, (1.5 € from Monday to Thursday, plus 0.50 euros if you participate in La Paga), Cuponazo (Friday 3 € plus 2 € more if you participate in the Cuponazo XXL), Sueldazo (weekend, 2 €) and Extraordinary Coupon (5 €). In all the modalities each series consists of 100.000 numbers between 00.000 and 99.999. The probability of matching the Coupon number is 1 in 100,000, that is, 0.001%. In addition, in El Cupón Diario when participating with "La Paga", in "El Cuponazo", in "El Sueldazo", and in "El Cupón Extraordinario", ONCE also gives a special prize if it matches the series. If the issue is 150 series per number, the probability of matching is 1 in 15 million (150 series x 100,000 numbers), in percent 0.0000066%. (See all odds

How to play

To participate you only have to purchase an ONCE Coupon, which comes officially printed with the five numbers with which you participate and the series. The coupon can be purchased at any of the ONCE vendors in the form of a pre-printed coupon or in the form of a printed ticket, or even online at the ONCE website, Juegos Once.

Where to play

To play it is possible to do it through 2 main options:

  • They can be purchased through an official retailer: by its own network of disabled vendors.
  • In Spain, it can also be played through the official website: Juegos ONCE.

Result of ONCE

The ONCE Coupon distributes 1,045,000 prizes in each daily draw plus "La Paga" prizes. Of these prizes, 55 correspond to prizes greater than 35,000 euros and a prize of 36,000 euros per year for 25 years for the "La Paga" prize. Regarding the Cuponazo and the Cuponazo XXL, the first one distributes a jackpot of 9 million and 134 of 25,000 euros, plus 1,349,865 smaller prizes and the second one a jackpot of 15 million instead of 9 million of the Cuponazo and 6 jackpots of 200,000 euros plus 809,994 additional smaller prizes. El Sueldazo has a top prize of 5,000 euros per month for 20 years plus 300,000 euros in cash, and also 4 second prizes of 4 sueldazos of 2,000 euros per month for 10 years, plus 54 top prizes of 20,000 euros and 549,945 smaller prizes.

Check ONCE

You can check the hits you got in the draw using our ONCE checker and get the prizes you got in the draw.

Checking your hits is very easy:

  • Enter or mark the numbers with which you have participated in the ONCE draw.
  • Then click on "Check".
  • A window will appear indicating the categories and the prizes you have won.

ONCE Results

Each drawing day, the ONCE Results are published on this page just a few minutes after they occur. You can also request the results to be sent to you:

  • By e-mail.
  • Notifications to your cell phone if you have installed our APP.
  • Notifications to your web browser.

ONCE Today

The ONCE draw is held Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday y Sunday. The latest result available at this time is Friday 21 from june from 2024. Normally the search for today's ONCE result refers to the result generated in this last draw result.

It is also common to search for the result of ONCE of yesterday, when the draw took place on the previous day. In any case, on this page you can always search for the result of any draw produced up to today's date.

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