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The game of ONCE

What is ONCE

The ONCE ( National Organization for the Spanish Blind) has its own lottery which also has a social purpose, since it is distributed by its own network of visually impaired sellers. The ONCE lottery is passive, the buyer purchases lottery tickets containing five-digit numbers. Drawings are held every day of the week, and have prizes at 5 digits (with a special series that obtains a higher prize), and at different endings including a reimbursement at the last digit of the number.


The price of each bet is 1,50 Euros for Monday to Thursday draws, 3 Euros for Friday draws and 2 Euros for Saturday and Sunday draws.

Sweepstakes to participate in and schedules

We have 4 options:

  • Cupón Diario: se extraen 5 bolas comprendidas entre el 0 y el 9 correspondientes a las decenas de millar, unidades de millar, centenas,, decenas y unidades, que conforman el número premiado.
  • Cuponazo: está constituido por el número de 5 cifras, además hay una serie de tres números comprendidos entre 0 y 9. Y en el caso de la segunda categoría existen cinco series adicionales.
  • Fin de Semana: también llamado "El Sueldazo" está constituido por el número de cinco cifras, una serie de tres cifras y una bola especial.
  • Extraordinario: en el sorteo se extraen un número de 5 cifras entre el 00.000 y el 99.9999 y un número de serie comprendido entre el 001 y el 150.

Drawings are held Monday through Thursday Daily Coupon, Friday Cuponazo, Saturday and Sunday Weekend Drawing and on an unspecified date.

How to play

The game is played by buying one or several coupons, and consists of matching 5 numbers plus the series. The coupon is the necessary document to participate in the drawings. In each drawing the numbers from 00.000 to 99.999 are played. Drawings are held from Monday to Sunday, with the highest prize amounts on Saturdays and Sundays.

Where you can play

There are two main options to participate in La ONCE:

  • Se pueden adquirir mediante vendedor oficial:.por su propia red de vendedores con discapacidad.

Drawing script

The draw is held by the traditional system of bombos, held every day of the week. In each drawing, 5 balls are drawn between 0 and 9, corresponding to the tens of thousands, units of thousands, hundreds, tens and units, which make up the winning number. The winning numbers are five, four, three, two and one digit.

Where is it issued

It is broadcasted on TVE from Monday to Sunday at 22.00 hours, except Saturdays 22.30 hours.

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