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Thursday, 18 august 2022


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    Dia de Sorte

    Tuesday, 16 august 2022

    2 days ago. Jackpot: 1.000.000R$. No winners

    • 2
    • 6
    • 7
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    • 14
    • 16
    • 26
    Mes da sorte:

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    Thursday, 18 august 2022 1d 0h 30m 49s


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    Prizes Dia de Sorte

    Categories Winners Prizes
    1 (7 acertos) 0 0,00 R$
    2 (6 acertos) 28 3.542,14 R$
    3 (5 acertos) 1816 20,00 R$
    4 (4 acertos) 22729 4,00 R$
    5 (Mes da Sorte) 72882 2,00 R$
    1.719.230,00 R$
    1.000.000,00 R$
    Check your prizes in this draw 16/08/2022

    How to play Dia de Sorte?

    Dia de Sorte or "Day of Luck" in Spanish, is the lottery in which you bet your lucky numbers. Choose between 7 and 15 numbers from the 31 available, plus a "Lucky Month". Seven numbers and one "Lucky Month" are drawn per contest.

    As in almost all Caixa lotteries, "Surpresinha" is available for this game. It is also possible to choose "Teimosinha" , which repeats the same game for 3, 6, 9 or 12 consecutive contests.

    Drawings are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm. The minimum bet is R$ 2 (seven numbers) and players can choose to bet up to 15 tens according to the following scale of values:

    Drawings are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 8 pm. The minimum bet of 7 numbers is 2 reais.

    Dia de Sorte prizes

    The gross prize represents 43.35% of the amount collected. Fixed prizes will be deducted from this percentage.

    After counting the winners of the fixed prizes, the remaining amount is divided among the other groups, 70% of which is distributed among those with seven numbers and 30% among those with six numbers.

    The "Lucky Month" award is independent and cumulative with respect to the other bands.

    Lucky Day Predictor

    The "Bolão Caixa" is a way for players to place collective bets. Just fill in the corresponding field on the wheel or ask the lottery employee. On Lucky Day, the minimum price of bolões is R$16.00, each share cannot be less than R$4.00, and it is possible to make a bolão of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 shares (for bets composed of 8 numbers) or a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 60 shares (for bets composed of 11, 12, 13, 14 or 15 numbers). You can also buy shares in the auctions organized by the Lottery Units. In this case, an additional service fee of up to 35% of the price may be charged.

    Check Dia de Sorte

    You can check the hits you got in the draw using our Dia de Sorte checker and get the prizes you got in the draw.

    Checking your hits is very easy:

    • Enter or mark the numbers with which you have participated in the Dia de Sorte draw.
    • Then click on "Check".
    • A window will appear indicating the categories and the prizes you have won.

    Dia de Sorte Results

    Each drawing day, the Dia de Sorte Results are published on this page just a few minutes after they occur. You can also request the results to be sent to you:

    • By e-mail.
    • Notifications to your cell phone if you have installed our APP.
    • Notifications to your web browser.

    Dia de Sorte Today

    The Dia de Sorte draw is held Tuesday, Thursday y Saturday. The latest result available at this time is Tuesday 16 from august from 2022. Normally the search for today's Dia de Sorte result refers to the result generated in this last draw result.

    It is also common to search for the result of Dia de Sorte of yesterday, when the draw took place on the previous day. In any case, on this page you can always search for the result of any draw produced up to today's date.

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