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Thursday, 20 june 2024


Dia de Sorte Jackpot

Dia de Sorte Jackpot for the next draw:

Dia de Sorte


Thursday, 20 june 2024 , 0d 7h 22m 38s

Last Dia de Sorte Jackpots

Date Announced Jackpot Jackpot hits Prize per winner
18/06/2024 Tuesday No jackpot 0 0,00R$
15/06/2024 Saturday 150.000R$ 1 174.880,09R$
13/06/2024 Thursday 350.000R$ 1 353.262,42R$
11/06/2024 Tuesday 150.000R$ 0 0,00R$
08/06/2024 Saturday 300.000R$ 1 343.015,89R$
06/06/2024 Thursday 150.000R$ 0 0,00R$
04/06/2024 Tuesday 1.000.000R$ 1 1.035.158,80R$
01/06/2024 Saturday 700.000R$ 0 0,00R$
28/05/2024 Tuesday 550.000R$ 0 0,00R$
25/05/2024 Saturday 300.000R$ 0 0,00R$
23/05/2024 Thursday 150.000R$ 0 0,00R$
21/05/2024 Tuesday 350.000R$ 3 118.135,21R$
18/05/2024 Saturday 150.000R$ 0 0,00R$
16/05/2024 Thursday 300.000R$ 1 331.257,01R$
14/05/2024 Tuesday 150.000R$ 0 0,00R$
11/05/2024 Saturday 300.000R$ 1 386.110,48R$
09/05/2024 Thursday 150.000R$ 0 0,00R$
07/05/2024 Tuesday 2.500.000R$ 2 1.279.731,79R$
04/05/2024 Saturday 1.800.000R$ 0 0,00R$
02/05/2024 Thursday 1.500.000R$ 0 0,00R$

How it works

When there are no first category winners in Dia de Sorte, it usually increases the jackpot for the next draw. In this way, the jackpot continues to grow until there is a winner in the first category.

In Dia de Sorte, a minimum jackpot of 150.000R$ is established, so every time there is a first category winner who gets the jackpot, in the next draw the jackpot starts again from the minimum jackpot.

There is no maximum jackpot in Dia de Sorte, so the jackpot will continue to grow until one lucky winner manages to match the numbers in the first category.

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