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Tuesday, 25 june 2024


Lotería del Niño

Saturday, 06 january 2024

168 days ago. No winners

First prize
Segundo premio
  • 89.634
Tercer premio
  • 57.033
Terminaciones de 4 cifras
  • 7247
  • 8172
Terminaciones de 3 cifras
  • 507
  • 296
  • 161
  • 978
  • 872
  • 506
  • 114
  • 488
  • 730
  • 428
  • 281
  • 568
  • 644
  • 598
Terminaciones de 2 cifras
  • 66
  • 40
  • 32
  • 65
  • 99
  • 1
  • 9

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Prizes Lotería del Niño

Categories Prizes
Primer premio 200.000,00 €
Segundo premio 75.000,00 €
Tercer premio 25.000,00 €
Extracciones de 4 cifras 350,00 €
Extracciones de 3 cifras 100,00 €
Extracciones de 2 cifras 40,00 €
Aproximación al 1º premio 1.200,00 €
Aproximación al 2º premio 610,00 €
Centena del 1º premio 100,00 €
Centena del 2º premio 100,00 €
Centena del 3º premio 100,00 €
Ultimas 3 cifras del 1º premio 100,00 €
Ultimas 3 cifras del 2º premio 100,00 €
Ultimas 2 cifras del 1º premio 100,00 €
Reintegros 20,00 €
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Award information Lotería del Niño 06 january 2024

Sorteo finalizado

What is the "El Niño" lottery?

The "El Niño" lottery is one of the most popular lottery draws held in Spain and the second one held during the Christmas season after the Christmas Draw. It is traditionally held on January 6, coinciding with the feast of the Three Wise Men.

The lottery consists of the distribution of numbers between 00,000 and 99,999 and the subsequent drawing of different prizes among these numbers. As of 2014, each number is divided into 40 series, which in turn are subdivided into 10 tenths each. In this way, the final number that the participant can acquire is composed of the number itself, the serial number and the fraction. The tickets are called tenths because the bettor plays the "tenth" part of the amount of each series.


The price of each ticket is 20 Euros.

Sweepstakes to participate in and schedules

There is only one "El Niño" draw per year, and this is held every January 6 at 12:00 noon.

How to play

It is played by buying one or several tickets of the draw, and can be purchased either by the traditional tenth, or by the so-called tenth slip, similar to the slips of the Primitiva, Bonoloto etc... The tenth is the necessary document to participate in the draw. In each draw the numbers between 00.000 and 99.999 are played.

Where you can play

There are two main options to participate in the El Niño raffle:

  • At a Lottery Retailer: Physically at any of the 11,000 points in Spain
  • Play Lotería del Niño online: Online at Lottofy, which has an official license to manage international lotteries

Where is it issued

TVE offers the results of the draw on January 6 at 12:00 noon.

Check Lotería del Niño

You can check the hits you got in the draw using our Lotería del Niño checker and get the prizes you got in the draw.

Checking your hits is very easy:

  • Enter or mark the numbers with which you have participated in the Lotería del Niño draw.
  • Then click on "Check".
  • A window will appear indicating the categories and the prizes you have won.

Lotería del Niño Results

Each drawing day, the Lotería del Niño Results are published on this page just a few minutes after they occur. You can also request the results to be sent to you:

  • By e-mail.
  • Notifications to your cell phone if you have installed our APP.
  • Notifications to your web browser.

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