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Saturday, 26 november 2022


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    Friday, 25 november 2022

    Yesterday. Jackpot:$. No winners

    • 3
    • 18
    • 31
    • 37
    • 38
    • 40
    • C24
    • 4
    • 5
    • 18
    • 28
    • 29
    • 41
    • 1
    • 8
    • 17
    • 29
    • 31
    • 34
    • 4
    • 14
    • 15
    • 21
    • 26
    • 31
    • 19
    • 21
    • 24
    • 26
    • 30
    • 36
    • 19
    • 21
    • 24
    • 29
    • 40
    • 41
    • 1
    • 7
    • 9
    • 31
    • 32
    • 40
    • 9
    • 12
    • 15
    • 17
    • 32
    • 33

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    Sunday, 27 november 2022 1d 5h 35m 52s


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    Prizes Loto

    Categories Winners Prizes
    LOTO 6 aciertos 0 0,00 $
    Súper Quina 5 aciertos + comodín 0 0,00 $
    Quina 5 aciertos 7 502.290,00 $
    Súper Cuaterna 4 aciertos + comodín 29 121.240,00 $
    Cuaterna 4 aciertos 489 7.190,00 $
    Súper Terna 3 aciertos + comodín 777 4.530,00 $
    Terna 3 aciertos 7862 1.410,00 $
    Súper Dupla 2 aciertos + comodín 6624 1.000,00 $
    Recargado 6 aciertos 0 0,00 $
    Revancha 0 0,00 $
    Desquite 0 0,00 $
    Jubilazo 1ª Combinación 0 0,00 $
    Jubilazo 2ª Combinación 0 0,00 $
    Jubilazo 3ª Combinación 0 0,00 $
    Jubilazo 4ª Combinación 0 0,00 $
    Jackpot,00 $
    Check your prizes in this draw 25/11/2022

    Loto Chile, a superclassic of games

    Loto is one of the oldest and most classic lotteries in Chile. This lottery is supported by Polla Chilena de Beneficencia, an entity endorsed by the Chilean government. The Loto consists of matching 6 numbers drawn among 41 numbers (from 1 to 41).

    In addition, it has several extra draws, the options are: Reloaded, Revancha, Desquitecha or Jubilazo, depending on the categories in which you want to participate.

    Loto, Loto Recargado, Revancha and Desquitecha drawings are held every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 9:00 p.m. Chilean time.

    Supplementary draws are played:

    • The Loto Recargado is executed immediately after the Lotto draw.
    • The Revancha drawing takes place right after the Loto Recargado drawing.
    • The draw for the Desvancha is made immediately after the draw for the Revancha.
    • The Jubilazo drawings take place right after the Desquiteazo drawing.
    • The Multiplicar drawing takes place immediately after the Jubilazo drawing.

    Loto awards prizes for three, four, five and six correct numbers, called terna, cuaterna, quina and Loto, respectively. Since the introduction of the "joker", prizes are also awarded to the Super Dupla (two), Super Terna (three), Super cuaterna (four) and Super quina (five), to those who match these pairs plus the joker. This joker is an additional number to the one drawn from the raffle after the first 6. The prizes are distributed equally among all those who match any category.

    The Lotto rematch, a second chance

    In parallel to the Loto, the Revancha is played, which was introduced as an additional low-cost game in the same draw, but whose requirement is to have participated in the regular Loto.

    This game is played on the same card as the Loto, but the player must match the next set of six numbers that are drawn considering the 41 numbers, recovering the ball of the draw, Loto and joker. This game gives only one prize that is distributed among those who match all six numbers.

    ¿Cómo saber si mi boleto de Loto tiene premio?

    Once the drawing has been played, you will be able to check the winning combination, i.e. the numbers chosen and their respective prizes on our website, in the Loto section or in the application we have for Android and iOS.

    How to recharge to play Loto?

    To make the subscription or purchase another ticket, please follow the steps below:

    Enter the official Polla Chilena de Beneficiencia website, or your lottery game provider such as Lottofy. You can pay with WebPay, ServiPag or other methods. Don't worry, they have a wide range of payment methods.

    Then indicate the amount to be paid. Finally, in the payment gateway, select the credit card and enter the requested data.

    Check Loto

    You can check the hits you got in the draw using our Loto checker and get the prizes you got in the draw.

    Checking your hits is very easy:

    • Enter or mark the numbers with which you have participated in the Loto draw.
    • Then click on "Check".
    • A window will appear indicating the categories and the prizes you have won.

    Loto Results

    Each drawing day, the Loto Results are published on this page just a few minutes after they occur. You can also request the results to be sent to you:

    • By e-mail.
    • Notifications to your cell phone if you have installed our APP.
    • Notifications to your web browser.

    Loto Today

    The Loto draw is held Tuesday, Thursday y Sunday. The latest result available at this time is Friday 25 from november from 2022. Normally the search for today's Loto result refers to the result generated in this last draw result.

    It is also common to search for the result of Loto of yesterday, when the draw took place on the previous day. In any case, on this page you can always search for the result of any draw produced up to today's date.

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