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EuroMillions statistics: Tips to participate in this Friday's 200 million EuroMillions draw.

Which numbers to pick, how to improve the odds of winning, is it possible to identify patterns to play - these and many more questions answered!

How to use statistics to play for the 200 million EuroMillions EuroMillions draw
How to use statistics to play for the 200 million EuroMillions EuroMillions draw

The countdown is on to the biggest jackpot draw of the year, the much-anticipated 200 million Euromillions special jackpot to be drawn this Friday 1 December at 9pm (Paris time). Bets to participate in the special draw have been on sale for several days now and the announced prize has undoubtedly attracted the attention of millions of players across Europe.

Today we will put the spotlight on some of the most frequently asked questions about the EuroMillions draw and that, without a doubt, given the attractiveness of the jackpot, are more recurrent than ever: is it possible to use statistics to improve our EuroMillions bets?

It is a subject that undoubtedly generates a lot of controversy. Some experts say that yes, if we look at the statistics of all previous draws, it is possible to establish certain repetitive patterns that predict higher odds for specific numbers. However, other experts are much more sceptical, indicating that, regardless of the statistics of previous draws, it is in no way possible to predict which ball will come out of the jackpot in the next draw.

The truth is that one can always find a middle ground between these extremes. On the one hand, it is perfectly genuine to claim that the results of every draw are totally random. In the end, nothing can predict the ball that will be drawn in the next draw.

But we should not be pessimistic either. Statistical patterns, although they may not be useful in the short term, can indicate trends in the long term, especially the more extensive the repetition of such patterns over time. Therefore, analysing EuroMillions draw patterns, although it may not help us to predict each individual draw, can help us if we keep a consistent game over the long term.

Moreover, following the statistics will in no way harm us in the next draw. Therefore, it doesn't hurt to take a look at all of these questions if you are looking to optimise your betting. That said, let's take a look at some of the EuroMillions statistical patterns that may be useful for this and other draws:

EuroMillions Hot Numbers

Hot numbers are the numbers that have been drawn the most times in the history of this lottery. This may indicate a greater tendency to be repeated in the future, especially the further back in time we look.

So, these are the most repeated numbers in the history of EuroMillions:

21, 23, 44, 19, 42 y 17

In turn, these are the most repeated stars in the history of EuroMillions:

3, 2, 8, 6, 9 y 7

High and low numbers

If we split the EuroMillions number spectrum (1 to 50) into two halves, we get a first half of low numbers (1 to 25) and a second half of high numbers (26 to 50). Which set of numbers is more frequent?

EuroMillions statistics show that, to date, there has historically been a slightly higher percentage of low numbers (50.32%) than high numbers (49.68%). However, this tight spread indicates that there is virtually no difference between the two groups. Therefore, the best EuroMillions strategy is to include numbers from both groups proportionally and, if anything, give a slight priority to the low numbers.

Odd and even numbers

The same logic can be applied by dividing all EuroMillions numbers into two groups of odd and even numbers. Also in this case, the differences are very close: 49.40% of the times even numbers have been drawn and 50.60% of the times odd numbers have been drawn. Therefore, also in this case it is best to alternate a similar proportion of odd and even numbers in each bet, perhaps giving a slight preponderance to the odd numbers.


All in all, what the EuroMillions statistics show us is that historically there have been certain numbers that have been more likely to hit than others and that, when placing a bet, it is good to maintain a balance between high and low numbers, as well as odd and even numbers.

However, remember that this is only one possible playing strategy. There are other players who prefer to pick numbers that are symbolically important to them, such as special dates and lucky numbers; and there are other players who prefer to rely entirely on chance and pick their numbers randomly. Either strategy is a perfectly valid way to play. The important thing is that you choose the one that gives you the most excitement and fun.

In any case, if you want to participate in the special 200 million EuroMillions draw, remember to buy your bet up to an hour before the draw. In fact, if you already know which numbers you're going to choose, it's best to place your bets as soon as possible, to avoid last-minute queues or overloaded online operators. Good luck!

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