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Tuesday, 16 april 2024


The ticket of Quintuple Plus

The Quintupleplus consists of selecting 6 horses from five races, marking 5 marks for the first five horses of the five races and one more mark for the second horse of the fifth race. Each number marked corresponds to the number assigned to each of the horses participating in each of the five races.

The numbers that make up the Winning Combination correspond to the winning horse in each of the five races and the runner-up in the fifth race.

Types of Tickets

To predict the ticket you have to choose one or more single bets, or a multiple bet. With a ticket you can only play for one draw of the week.

  • Single Ticket:
    With the daily ticket you participate in the current draw. You cannot participate in a draw after the current draw until the end of the current draw.
  • Boleto Multiple:
    In the same daily ticket you can establish a multiple bet by marking more than one horse in each race of your bet. The greater the number of multiples, the greater the chances of winning.

Quintupleplus ticket with Single bets

A single bet is placed when only one horse has been predicted in each row of predictions.

Quintupleplus Ticket with Multiple bets

When more than one horse has been predicted in at least one row of predictions. The number of bets played will be determined by the result obtained by multiplying the number indicated in the first race mark table by that of the second race and the result thus obtained by that of the third race and so on up to and including the sixth mark table; excluding those bets impossible in the case of the fifth race as a consequence of the fact that no horse can be both 1st and 2nd at the finish. The maximum number of bets allowed per ticket is 65,535.

Celebration of horse races.

1. Once the races are over and the final result of the races is known, as established by the Race Stewards, the "winning combination" shall be determined, which shall be formed by the winners of each of the five races that make up the wager and the runner-up of the fifth race. This result will be valid for betting purposes even if the corresponding institutions subsequently annul the result or make any other decision on the same.

If any horse withdraws from any of the races that make up the wager before being at the disposal of the starter of the race, the number that is predicted for that horse or horses in the slip will be considered predicted to the immediately preceding ordinal number, and if this horse has not participated either, its immediately preceding number will be considered predicted, and so on, regardless of whether it was already predicted or not.

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