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Tuesday, 21 may 2024


The game of Quintuple Plus

What is Quintuple Plus

Quintuple Plus es una apuesta hípica gestionada por SELAE basada en predecir el resultado de cinco carreras de caballos determinadas. Su nombre se debe a las 5 carreras (quíntuple), además del plus que supone acertar también el 2º clasificado de la 5ª carrera.


The price of each bet is 1 Euro.

Draws in which to participate

You participate in a single Quíntuple Plus sweepstakes.

How to play

In each bet, 6 horses must be selected (one for each of the five races and the second for the 5th race). Each number corresponds to the number assigned to each of the participating horses in each of the five races. The winning numbers correspond to the winning horse in each of the 5 races and the horse that finishes 2nd in the 5th race.

Where you can play

There are two main options for participating in Quintuple Plus:

  • Sellar el boleto en una administración de lotería oficial: Loterías y Apuestas del Estado tiene una red de más de 10.000 puntos de venta físicos, donde puedes encontrar tu boleto oficial para jugar y donde puedes sellar el mismo
  • Play through a lottery management service: there are several online lottery managers through which you can participate. These lottery managers charge a small fee for the service they provide. The service consists of stamping the indicated bets, managing the slips and delivering the prize via bank account. You should only participate in trustworthy services that offer all kinds of guarantees. From we recommend the service offered by since 2004

Celebration of the horse race.

The number of horses participating in each of the five races shall not exceed 20 or be less than 3 and shall be determined, for each day, in the official program approved by the competent authority.

The conduct of and participation in all races shall be in accordance with the provisions of the horse racing code approved by the competent authority for the regulation of these equestrian competitions.

The draw will not be held on those days when there are not at least five races on which to make a prediction.

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