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Tuesday, 23 july 2024


Check Euromillones Spain

  • 15
  • 22
  • 35
  • 44
  • 48
  • E6
  • E7
Simple bet

How to check Euromillones Spain

You can check the hits and prizes you have won in the Euromillones Spain draw. You have the possibility to check both single and multiple bets.

  1. First you must make sure that you are checking your bets on the correct date. To do this, you can select the date of the draw from the drop-down menu, and you will be able to choose the date from the calendar.
  2. Next, you must enter or mark the combination (or combinations) with which you have participated in the draw.
  3. When you click on the Check button, you will see the list of prizes won in the different categories.

When can I check the results

You can check it when we already have available the winning numbers in the Euromillones Spain draw, although we always recommend you to wait until the categories of prizes and amounts of the draw are available, so that the prize you have won appears.

What to do if my bet has won

You should collect it as soon as possible, as it usually has an expiration date. In addition, you will avoid the risk of losing the Euromillones Spain ticket.

In case you have played online, you must access the website where you have played, and they must pay you the prize directly.

Euromillions Hits

Currently there are 13 prize categories in Euromillions. The first category is obtained by matching 5 numbers (out of 50) and 2 stars (out of 12). This category awards the well-known Euromillions jackpot, with which you will get many millions of euros. This jackpot is variable, and depends on the accumulated until that moment.

Check Million Maker

You can check the result of Million Maker, the additional game of Euromillions, in which you have a code that if it matches the code of the winning combination, you get 1 million euros.

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