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Tuesday, 18 june 2024


The game of Eurojackpot

What is EuroJackpot

EuroJackpot is a European lottery born in Amsterdam in November 2011. It is an active game. Formed by two blocks, the main one of 50 numbers, numbered from 1 to 50, and the secondary one of 8 suns, numbered from 1 to 8.


The price of each bet is 2 Euros.

Sweepstakes to participate in and schedules

Two drawings per week: Tuesday and Friday.

How to play

Playing EuroJackpot is very simple, the ticket is composed of 6 blocks and each block in turn by two matrices. The main matrix contains 50 numbers from 1 to 50 and the secondary matrix contains 8 suns from 1 to 8. Participants choose 5 main numbers and two suns among the 8 numbers.

Where you can play

There are two main options to participate in EuroJackpot:

  • They can be purchased through an official its own network of disabled sellers.

Drawing script

This European lottery began to be played on March 23, 2012 by Finland, Germany, Denmark, Slovenia, Italy, the Netherlands and Estonia. Subsequently, Spain joined. It consists of a weekly draw. There are 12 different prize categories, combining the 5 numbers drawn with the 2 suns.

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