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Lottoster.com is an independent site about lottery information from multiple countries, and it has no relationship with the lottery organizers. All information, statistics, news and any other data on this site have been obtained from public sources, trying to maintain the maximum informative rigor and veracity of the data.

The site and the products or services are owned and managed by Bamio Network Sociedad Limitada, based in Spain with Tax Identification Code B23643661.

Our origin

Lottoster.com offers results and extended information about lottery draws since 2004. The project was started by lottery enthusiasts at a time when the internet was starting to become relevant but there was not enough information online about lottery draws.

The main objective is to keep lottery users who participate in lottery draws informed by adding value-added services totally free of charge, such as news, statistics, odds and other user aids. We offer this service completely free of charge since October 25, 2004.

Lottoster.com and Bamio Network SL have no links whatsoever with the official lottery organizations. The lottery is oriented to people with sufficient legal age in each country.

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